I’m Heather Scott

I’m a Registered Nurse & Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in relieving headaches, neck pain & shoulder tension through both therapeutic & relaxation massage. I’m passionate about helping you feel better and find relief from tensions that everyday activities cause you. My knowledge of the human body via my nursing career has come forth into my massage practice and evolves continuously.

When people hurt, their pain affects everything including their daily activities, quality of life & relationships. My goal is to help people manage, understand and perhaps overcome their pain.

I am a Knoxville, Iowa native and have made my home with my husband, Jim, and 2 children on our farm located near the beautiful English Valley Creek.  I truely love living in rural Knoxville and in my spare time enjoy camping, fishing, working around our small farm with our livestock , and raising a large garden. I keep very busy throughout the summer preserving our garden harvest.

My Specialties

I specialize in therapeutic massage for headaches, neck pain, and shoulder tension. I also love providing relaxation massage that allows you the opportunity to leave your session feeling less muscle tension, anxiety & depression, pain, and the ability to feel more rested.

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